Privacy Regulations


Isolde Art attaches great importance to your privacy and considers it very important that the Personal Data collected and Processed by Isolde Art is protected as well as possible. Isolde Art is obliged to handle the collection, storage and management of Personal Data of Data Subjects in a careful and safe, proportional and confidential manner. This Privacy Policy applies to all Processing of Personal Data within Isolde Art.

For questions about these Regulations or if you have a complaint about the way Isolde Art handles your data, please contact us. You will find the contact details on our website.

Purpose of the privacy regulations

These privacy regulations are an extension of the privacy policy, which has been established by Isolde Art and describes how Isolde Art deals with the privacy of Data Subjects. These privacy regulations can be amended from time to time to, for example, remain in line with the applicable laws and regulations or adjustments to the working method of Isolde Art. This privacy policy describes the Processing of Personal Data by Isolde Art, the purposes of the data processing by Isolde Art, the use of "cookies" on this website and how you can exercise your rights with regard to your Personal Data.

If you visit the website of Isolde Art or are a customer of Isolde Art, Isolde Art can process data from you. This concerns data that you enter when ordering via the sales portal, an email that you send via the site, etc. Isolde Art guarantees and respects your privacy in the context of these Processing, among other things by complying with the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR) and the privacy policy as drawn up by Isolde Art. This means that your personal data will only be used to the extent that it is compatible with the purposes set out in these regulations, your Personal Data is protected by Isolde Art and you can exercise certain rights with regard to your Personal Data.


The regulations contain a number of terms, which are described below.
  • The low: General Data Processing Regulation (GDRP);
  • The provacy regulations: these regulations;
  • Responsible: Isolde Art; 
  • Administrators: Managemant and employees of Isolde Art;
  • Webmaster: the webmaster of Isolde Art.
  • Processor: an employee who processes Personal Data in order to perform an agreed task on behalf of the Controller, without being subject to his direct authority;
  • Data Subject: the person to whom a Personal Data relates;
  • User: The official who is authorized to enter, change and / or delete Personal Data, or to take cognizance of any export of the Processing;
  • Third parties: persons and bodies outside Isolde Art;
  • Personal data: data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person;
  • Processing of Personal Data: any action or set of actions intended with regard to Personal Data, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, updating, changing, requesting, consulting, using, providing, distributing, bringing together, relating, and protection, erasure or destruction of data (Article 4 GDPR);
  • File: any structured set of Personal Data, regardless of whether this set of data is centralized or distributed in a functionally or geographically determined manner, which is accessible according to certain criteria and relates to different persons;
  • Relationships: This refers to the relationships of the Isolde Art;
  • Data Breach: A security breach that leads to, or is unreasonably ruled out, inadvertently or unlawfully resulting in - the destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure of or access to Personal Data .


Isolde Art collects or uses your Personal Data only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. (Article 5 GDPR) These are:
  • Activities that, in view of the purpose of Isolde Art, are usual, Sales of services with all associated matters such as administration, archiving images with data linked to them;
  • Sending information to Data Subjects about Isolde Art activities and services and related marketing activities by Isolde Art, for example by means of newsletters and sending confirmations when registering for activities;

Lawful basis

Isolde Art only processes personal data if one of the following principles applies: (Article 6 GDPR)
  • To fulfill an obligation specified in law;
  • For the execution of an agreement where the Data Subject was part;
  • To combat a serious threat to the data subject's health;
  • For the proper fulfillment of the task that Isolde Art fulfills;
  • When the Data Subject has given permission for a specific Processing. Method of processing
The Processing of Personal Data is only permitted if this is in accordance with the Law and is done in a careful manner. Personal data of relations is obtained exclusively from the Data Subject himself. The data subject will be informed prior to the first Processing of his Personal Data of that Processing and the existence and retrievability of the applicable rules. The relationship grants prior, free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent to the Processing of Personal Data. Personal data will only be Processed insofar as it is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the aforementioned purposes. Information about participation in activities is not kept longer than is necessary for that activity.

Personal data

solde Art only processes the data of the following persons:
  • Relations / customers of the Isolde Art;
  • Persons who have requested Isolde Art for a quote, information or documentation;
  • Persons with whom Isolde Art maintains a business or financial relationship (suppliers).
Relationships are registered via the Isolde Art website and / or in the administration, hereinafter referred to as the User. The Isolde Art privacy regulation applies to this. In some cases, the Processing takes place through Isolde Art's accountancy office. If the activities of the Data Subject on behalf of Isolde Art have been terminated or the transaction with Isolde Art has been completed, data will not be stored for longer than two years, unless the Personal Data are necessary to comply with a legal retention obligation. Deleted data is destroyed unless it is necessary for historical research or archiving. In that case, appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that the relevant data is only provided anonymously and used only for that purpose.

Access to and provision of personal data

Isolde Art does not provide personal data to third parties.


Isolde Art takes care of the necessary provisions of a physical, technical and organizational nature to protect the Personal Data, which are stored in the administration of Isolde Art and the website, against loss or any form of unlawful Processing. Login details of the website are sent over the internet via an encrypted connection.

Data subjects' rights

The Data Subject has the following rights:
  • Right to information: Data subjects have the right to ask Isolde Art whether his / her Personal Data are Processed.
  • Right of inspection:  Data subjects have the opportunity to check whether and how their Personal Data are Processed.
  • Right to correction: If it becomes clear that the Personal Data is incorrect, the person concerned can submit a request to Isolde Art to correct it.
  • Right to object: Data subjects have the right to ask Isolde Art to stop using their Personal Data to the extent possible by law.
  • Right to be forgotten: In cases where the Data Subject has given permission to process Personal Data, the Data Subject has the right to have the Personal Data deleted or to have it removed as far as legally possible.
  • Right to object: Data subjects have the right to object to the Processing of his / her Personal Data.
Isolde Art will comply with this, unless there are justified grounds for the Processing. Login details of the website are sent over the internet via an encrypted connection.


The Isolde Art website uses functional cookies to log in to the sales area. This is only for saving session data. Logging in will not work without this cookie. The cookie policy falls under the privacy regulations of Isolde Art.
The other cookies can be blocked for the functioning of the website without any problems with an adblocker or browser settings. These are cookies from social media websites. The relevant conditions of that social media service apply to the use of social media websites. The Privacy Policy of Isold Art explicitly does not apply to the use of such social media services.

The social media cookies are:
  • A tracking cookie is placed by clicking on the Facebook button.
  • Google places a googleapis cookie.
  • Youtube places various cookies. The Isold Art website contains videos, which are played via Youtube. More information about YouTube's privacy policy can be found on the YouTube website.

Private logging

When you fill in a web form, some information is automatically recorded. These are the date and time of recording and can also be the IP address. The policy is not to record the IP address. When a user logs in, the date and time of logging in is recorded. Only the last moment of login is saved.

Data breach

A data breach, or an infringement related to personal data, occurs when personal data falls into the hands of Third Parties who should not have access to that data. This will be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if it is likely that the breach will pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons (Article 33 GDPR). The Webmaster ensures good access control. Saved files from Isolde Art are adequately protected.

Final provisions

In cases not provided for by the Privacy Regulations, the management of Isolde Art. Changes in the purpose of the Processing and in the type of content, use and method of obtaining the Personal Data must lead to changes in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy came into effect on May 15, 2018.

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